My real name is Mark, not Wobbly Boots Duke.

The reason for the nickname is explained in the About Me page – if you really care who I am.

Social media has for many years been an avenue to express what I am feeling, thinking, doing; the things I like and dislike.  Social media is adequate for expression but I no longer wish to force feed my thoughts upon those who don’t care what I think etc.

It’s great when people read my posts, even greater when they reply, whether in support or to disagree, but not everybody wants to hear from me in the first place so the next and obvious step then…create a web-site and blog.

This site will be shared on social media – but to read my stuff is now a choice and not unwanted pollution.  I’ll share in greater detail my opinions and thoughts, as well as posing many questions that I have – questions to things that should have answers that make sense.

Also I share favourite quotes, some of my favourite pics, songs and people….known or unknown.

If you are here – welcome.  If you agree or disagree, and you wish to share your thoughts, then please do.  You may have the answers I’m seeking.

If you disagree and my blog makes you angry, please make your point as best you can without calling me all sorts of names.  For unless there is the word OPINION written at the top of a blog, then I’m only thinking or asking out aloud.


Wobbly Boots Duke