Power Is Ours, NOT Theirs


Nothing Is Impossible

Max Laughan is a young teen who has an amazing mind.  He came to fame last year because he has allegedly invented a way to harvest free energy from the atmosphere.  Is Max the equal to Nikola Tesla the world has been waiting for?  Or is Max just a gifted kid who can talk the talk?  Max speaking at Nexus — You Tube video runs 14 mins 13 secs.

Max Laughan and his free energy device.  Is he Tesla re-incarnated?

Either way, I love this kids point — nothing is impossible.  The solution to many of todays complicated global problems are summed up in three simple words by an extremely clever and motivated thirteen year-old person.  In this particular case, the problems we are having with current and future energy supplies; the costs to us and the cost to the planet.

So why do we continue to buy into the lie when it comes to energy?  How is it that a thirteen year-old kid, albeit a brilliant thirteen year-old kid can understand the obvious and we can’t?  That nothing is impossible.

Whether or not Max is channelling Tesla is is a moot point.  His three words, his strong and determined will, his seeking through his personal energy and drive to collaborate with his equally intelligent peers gives me belief that he too truly believes that nothing is impossible.

Why is it that we accept as “impossible” something very possible?  Do we actually believe that changing in the next few years from fossil energy to cleaner and very low cost energy is impossible?  It’s POSSIBLE and we HAVE to stop buying into the lies that is is not possible!

Yes Minister gibberish

Yes, I know we’re told to believe we will not survive without fossil or nuclear driven base-load energy. But why do we accept the words “Impossible” or “in the fullness of time” (thank you Sir Humphrey Appleby) or “the technology is still a long way off” amongst the many often used, convenient and accepted descriptions?

To add weight to their points, those with an agenda (favouring themselves) will throw in a couple of power failures in South Australia.  One being a massive storm that hit the entire state, and the second through poor policy that dis-allowed the back-up system to fire up when it was required.  The blame quickly and conveniently went to South Australia’s clean energy systems and far too many people bought the lie.  Far too many people continue to buy the lies.

Where Do We Put The Meter?

The very moment the key to free or cheap and clean energy was found, it was hidden away from us. Nikola Tesla wanted us to have free power but not JP Morgan; “If anyone can draw on the power, where do we put the meter?”  It’s been this way ever since!

John Pierpoint (JP) Morgan

J. Pierpoint Morgan — even typing his name makes my skin crawl.  Well he withdrew all funding to Nikola Tesla.  I’m not so sure funds will be withdrawn from the likes of young Max Laughan. Though if he has invented the method to harness energy from the atmosphere then I don’t like Max’s chances of seeing his 21st birthday.

We blindly follow — complain a lot as we go — but never challenge.  If some people do stick up their heads and challenge, the status quo will spend millions of dollars to convince us that things (not in their best interests) are impossible, or at the very least decades away.

Bush’s Man Of Steel

Man of steel ... George Bush gives John Howard his medal.
John Howard – GWB’s Man of Steel.  Pic: Sydney Morning Herald 14/1/09

More crawling skin.  Former Australian Prime Minister, John Winston Howard receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from US President George Walker Bush.  They share the same “alternatives to ideologies of violence and repression” (GWB).  Remove the words “alternatives to” – then I agree.  

Try and imagine what Australia today would look like if John Howard and his government spent our mining boom profits on natural energy sources instead of (a) spending billions on a war that they knew was a lie, and (b) giving another fair chunk of it away as middle-class welfare — to people who didn’t need it?  In other words he spent billions of dollars on “(a)” for no other purpose other than to suck up to the USA, and “(b)” to buy votes.

Not only was this a waste of money and opportunity, in ten to fifteen years, this very same political party, now back in government began labelling people who receive middle-class welfare as “Leaners” and not “Lifters.”  Worse still, the un-employed of today are being crucified for requiring welfare to survive.

Not to mention that other little problem; the drastic and horrendous fall-outs that came about, and continue because of a needless and illegal invasion of Iraq.   

Why do un-employed people require welfare to survive?  Because the Howard Government in particular pissed the mining profits against the wall for its own benefit instead of preparing Australia for the post-mining boom downturn.  Did we complain back in 2003/2004?  No.  Why?  Because the government was bribing us but now we have to pay the price for its greed.

Tesla Lives Again — Did We Miss The Boat?

At the exact same time as Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning were looking for investment capital for their new company; to create and manufacture consumer worthy electric cars, and the batteries to support them, the then Australian Prime Minister, John Howard failed to consider Australia’s post-mining period.

To cut to the chase, in 2003, Mr Howard might have saved Australia’s automobile industry, its allied industries and the flow on positive employment that comes from healthy and viable industries.  By bidding aggressively, the Howard Government had to at least try to make Australia the leader in what was always going to be the future in energy.

Tesla in Australia could well have seen us leading the way in battery, solar panels and R&D in this growing market.  Or at least we will have created a competitive marketplace.  Who did Eberhard and Tarpenning turn to?  The man who created PayPal.  Elon Musk.  One individual!  Good on him for having the brains and eye for the future.  This might have been Australian.

Thanks Kat for the video of Max.

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