Hijacking ANZAC Day?

A question…..

What four words will send middle-class, white western (mostly) men, and shock jocks into a frenzy?


Woman; Muslim; Young and Outspoken.


Woman + Muslim + Young + Outspoken = ?


Yassmin Abdel-Magied.


Yassmin Abdel-Magied + ANZAC Day + ABC = ?


The greatest middle-class, white western (mostly) men, and shock jock hysterical hissy-fit frenzy that makes JacketGate look like a mature exchange of ideas.

Disrespectful Yassmin…..

At the same time as Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull was paying a “surprise” visit to war zones on ANZAC Day….and at about the same time — at the dawn service in Southport — federal politician, The Hon Steven Ciobo MP placed ‘Lest We Forget’ (taxpayer funded?) flowers with his business card attached, a young woman by the name of Yassmin Abdel-Magied posted on her Facebook page “LEST. WE. FORGET. (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine …)”

Well!!!!  How un-Australian and disrespectful of Yassmin to use the day we remember those who fell in battle as a reminder we are all human beings!!

Before I go any further, I share the opinions of most people that Yassmin should not have used ANZAC Day.  However, if she did intend it to be controversial she sure got her way and sucked-in all of the tanty throwers to spread her message.

I have seen and heard people raving on ‘that Yassmin Abdel-Magied knew what she was doing’ (offending Australian’s and hijacking ANZAC Day) when she posted this message. I’m not offended by her message, nor do I have any idea what was going through her mind when she posted her message.  But those offended and insulted by her post apparently know what she was thinking.

Personally I highly doubt Yassmin Abdel-Magied wanted her post to be anything other than her message.  One doesn’t set out to create offending and insulting controversy with a comment — to then remove the very comment that started the offending and insulting controversy.

I also believe that those who view her post as a deliberate attempt to offend and insult opportunistically used the outspoken young Muslim Woman’s post to remind her that she must remember to know her place.  AND another excuse for middle-class, white western(mostly) men, and shock jocks to have hysterical hissy-fit frenzies.  Oh and don’t they do it well!

ANZAC Day Hijack

Did Yassmin Abdel-Magied hijack ANZAC Day for a nasty political agenda?  I don’t know.

I do know one thing for sure — those who are using her words against her hijacked ANZAC Day.

It’s not right vs left political idealism, it’s a bunch of (mostly) misogynistic, xenophobic, nationalistic hissy-fit throwers demanding a woman know her place.

Not only a woman — a Muslim woman.

Not only a Muslim Woman — a Muslim woman who is outspoken.

Not only a Muslim woman who is outspoken – a Muslim woman who is outspoken and appears on the taxpayer funded ABC.

Not only a Muslim woman who is outspoken – a Muslim woman who is outspoken and appears on the taxpayer funded ABC — a Muslim woman who is outspoken and appears on the taxpayer funded ABC and preached humanity!

What’s ANZAC Day again?

All ANZAC Day, people posted memes about the meaning of ANZAC Day.  Such as men (and women) giving up their lives to protect our freedoms — such as the freedom to speak.

Although not written into our constitution, it is a freedom we take as a MUST in Australian democracy.  For some Australian’s though, this freedom is allowed only if it fits in with the guidelines of those who decide what is allowable and what is not allowable — those being mainly middle-class, white western (mostly) men, and shock jock hysterical hissy-fit frenzy throwers that make JacketGate look like a mature exchange of ideas.

These who are offended — they are the very same people who demand the right to offend and insult.

Quite seriously — I’m pretty sure most of the New Zealand and Australian Diggers who died in battle didn’t go to their deaths so ANZAC Day can become anyones political agenda.  It’s one thing to make an error of judgement — it’s another thing to use someone’s error of judgment for their own political agenda.

The people who have used for their OWN agendas Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s error in judgement — you are the ones who should be ashamed of politicising ANZAC Day, not the young Muslim woman who is outspoken about humanity.

FOOTNOTE: Some of the people I know who have gone off like crazy loose cannon – they are good people.  I have no idea though why they become turkeys at times.

Apologies to all bird type turkeys.

2 thoughts on “Hijacking ANZAC Day?

  1. Anzac Day crememoration of the greatest human sacrifice of giving your life for Australia, for Australians , and for any stupid irreverent bitch that stage spotlights . ….i celebrate Anzac Day , i celebrate the ADF with thoughts of probably like every other killing aged man , what would it be like ? To land in a forieng land at the wrong place . To be a 19 year old Australian with not much army tranning and no previous experience in battles , trenches , being shot at and watching your mates getting killed before your own eyes . Abdel fucked up ! She tried to make a political statement on a most reverent of day’s and copped plenty of racist and genuion ridicule for it , and no it’s not just a issy fit that young lady was inexperienced to Anzac values and media WAR ! The same as that young Aussie digger that hit that beach at 4-20am in the Dardinalls on the 25th of April 1911 was inexperienced to facing someone and shooting to kill them . But no one is firing rounds at her .


    1. Hi Blackee. Thanks for commenting. I appreciate you doing so. I’d like to apologise for not replying last night. My eyes were hanging out of my head.

      I understand your passionate response, and how you empathise the terror and horror of Gallipoli/Çanakkale (as both parties shared that same fear). I feel exactly the same. Not only for those there but for those at home who worried, who received the horrible news, those who lost quality of life etc. From all sides.

      As for my post. You missed my point. This line —
      Yassmin Abdel-Magied + ANZAC Day + ABC = ? —
      this is my point.

      There IS a movement in Australian that is demanding the end of the ABC. This group does not like free speech unless the subjects discussed reflect their values. They also believe their values are the values of all Australian’s, which is far from reality.

      At the same time, these people demand a change to 18C because they see it as their right to insult and offend but then get pissed off when people shit-can them for insulting and offending people. They pout, sulk and cry foul — and then accuse certain Australian’s of turning the country into a politically correct country —because people object to their use of bullying tactics.

      Those who belong to, or are sucked into helping share the propaganda of this movement don’t like that the ABC allows the voices of all Australian’s to be heard and/acknowledged. These “lefties” who dare challenge the bullies must be silenced, and the taxpayer-funded media outlet is the enemy to the bullies. Silence the ABC and much of the country is silenced – a deliberate censorship of intellectual, and cultural diversity.

      So these hissy fitters I refer to are hissy fitters, Blackee. But they have an agenda, and that is to destroy difference and diversity in Australia.

      These are the people I am referring to. These are the people who just LOVE to use the sort of error of judgement made by Yassmin and then excitedly use it for their political agenda. These people KNOWINGLY politicised ANZAC Day and all of the focus went angrily onto a young woman because the movement made us look there. Beating up on a young woman is acceptable?

      THIS type of propaganda is so WRONG and disrespectful to the Diggers. This was, and is NO mistake because the FIRST thing they did was begin a social-media blitz connecting Yassmin ‘the outspoken and insulting Muslim’ to the ABC — demanding the ABC sack her. Silence the voice they don’t like.

      They also don’t like outspoke women who challenge them — ‘get em off the ABC’ etc.

      Muslim’s — well they don’t want any Muslim’s in this country because they are xenophobes. Nothing new here though.

      As I wrote above, and it’s your choice obviously whether to accept Yassmin made an error of judgment — if she posted her message on purpose to spit in the face of Diggers she would not have removed her post immediately after she realised it was disrespectful. She would have kept it there but she didn’t.

      If we condemn every single person who makes an error of judgment, Blackee – we will face an eternity of after-life condemnation many times over for our errors over the years. We made mistakes. We all make mistakes but rarely does a country turn on us with fists raised in anger. Truly disgusting behaviour from this country to pounce on a young woman in such a way. In any way. It was and is brutal and should never go unchallenged.

      She is not a “stupid bitch” — a dreadful term, Blackee, and I know you aren’t a misogynist but that terminology doesn’t help. Yassmin is a young woman who made an error in judgement — but at least her error was made for a reason of decency and humanitarianism.

      Of course her statement is political, as it was every time John Lennon asked people to think about peace. Every time you listen to a Jackson Browne anti-war machine song — it’s political. Every time the movement to shut down the ABC makes a noise it’s political.

      Surely though there’s nothing wrong with thinking as a humanitarian in a political statement is there? So long as the timing fits.

      This country is being divided on purpose and the people who are leading the division are the ones who used Yassmin’s comment as a crowbar. If we don’t stop falling for this rubbish we are going to soon turn on each other en-masse.

      Again, thanks for posting. We all have the right to be heard and listened to — and challenged too. Believe me, being as outspoken as I am – ohhh how I’ve been challenged (polite way of putting it haha).

      Cheers, mate 🙂


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