Sunday Night – 60 Minutes of ’60 Minutes’


Sunday Night

The recent Channel 7/Sunday Night segment re: the 1974 McCulkin murders, and the 1973 Whiskey Au Go Go firebombing was nothing more than insulting and disrespectful to all involved.  I’ve not ventured to have a look at the version Channel 9/60 Minutes aired the same night, May 28 2017 — I know it won’t be reliable.

The following morning, I vented my anger at the disrespect shown to anyone who has to live with the Whiskey Au Go Go. Those of us who did the Sunday Night interviews were conned and my grumpiness was known to all who read my Facebook post.  Then came a light-bulb comment from Tommy Campion who gave me an idea.  I’ll tell my own story about the Whiskey Au Go Go.

A $100.00 camera and a determination to be not screwed around with again!

Everyone can do it!  You can do it!  WE have our OWN voice to tell our OWN stories, and WE have the MEANS to have OUR own respective voices HEARD!! The numbers who view our own stories may be fewer but at least we have control of our own stories, and control of our own integrity.

So after a few weeks of learning as best I can how to video edit, I’d like to share with you the Whiskey Au Go Go as it happened through my eyes.  From the evening of 7 March 1973 — to 8 March 2013, and beyond

MY 40 Years of Whiskey


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