Journey to the elsewhere?

Invisible Me

As Paul Kelly so beautifully describes in his emotionally moving song, Invisible me, you might feel something brushing, it’s only nothing – just Invisible Me” — death as we mortals call it does not mean an ending.

I speak not as an expert on ‘death’ because I’m yet to die…or my memory of a previous death or deaths has failed me.  However, I’ve often experienced moments in time so strikingly familiar to me that I have not lived through (in this life).  Such as the night Tess and I met…as it turned out we both ‘knew’ each other but we had not met (this life) — déjà vu

There is no need to be religious to accept ‘death’ as a journey to an elsewhere.  I’m not religious, nor do I believe in a ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ — but it’s fair to describe me as a spiritual soul who is now available to those things outside of the mortal view — even though, ironically, everything is there to be seen, heard and felt.  But first, you must, as Tess advised me not long before she died.“Open yourself up to it, Darling!”

This time last week (Sunday, July 2), the grief and sadness of Carolyn’s passing two months prior hit me out of the blue — and like a sledgehammer.  It is not unfair to describe the pain as agonising…and it’s a pain I know too well.  It’s also not unfair to admit that if Mr Reaper has an Uber-type app I’d have gone to my phone.

Then something completely random happened and I went to bed smiling.

I decided to do a quick video (directly below) to explain why I went from wishing for an app named Mr Reaper — to one hour later heading to bed with a smile — messages from an ‘elsewhere’…

I share only a couple of those messages with you in the video.  I’ve not gone into any detail about four amazing Dragonfly visits I’ve received over time, nor the time I visited my Nana (dad’s mum) not long before she died. Nana was, as we mortals will describe, ‘delusional’. When Nana saw me she called out “Brian” (my father). Until recently I thought she saw me and in her state-of-mind confused me with my late father.  However, was she looking at me…or was she looking beyond me?

It’s up to you if you accept or don’t accept any of this.  I’m not about convincing you, I’m simply sharing some of what I see, hear and feel.  And believe me, I am not a psychic.  No tapping-in powers…only an accepting awareness.

Grammar Nazi’s (Sharon and Fiona especially heh heh) beware — in this video, I am, as usual speaking unscripted.  

Journey to the elsewhere

Cheryl Deines — ‘The Veil is Thin Between This World and the Next

2 thoughts on “Journey to the elsewhere?

    1. Hi Jodhi

      It is ironic that yesterday evening I found myself discussing this subject.

      The way the West handles death is strange. End of life happened to every person we love and know who has passed, will happen to every one of us who still have breath in our lungs, and is the destiny of those yet to be born.

      As you point out, it is important to talk freely about death because it’s shrouded in fear and misunderstanding.

      If a society in fear of death isn’t odd enough, too many see death as a punishment or revenge.

      There are suicide bombers who go happily to death doing the work of a deity. How does the West react to this ideology? Chests puffed out, our leaders proudly boast that they’ll kill every one of those who threaten the West. The western one-track mind is actually rewarding those who seek to harm us because we Westerners connect death to punishment. And what do we the followers do? Cheer on the leaders who fuel the fires that lead to our own harm.

      Of course, much of the West still abide by laws preventing people seeking assisted death — because life is ‘sacrosanct’, therefore the laws forbid us from making our own call.

      No wonder the West is confused about death, no wonder we find it difficult to come to terms with the inevitable. We can’t even reach a consensus on the one certainty of being born — the one and only thing we as individuals own outright — ourselves.

      And dare to talk about positive experiences of death!! Whether near-death experience, communication with those deceased; religious or non-religious viewpoints — we’re ‘nutters’ the lot of us.



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