It’s PC Gone MAD! It’s un-Australian



Every time I hear or read an Anglo white-Australian individual or group demand another culture to ‘adapt/integrate or leave’ — I now laugh.  Admittedly there was a time when my anger would burn but now I find laughing at them is not only the best response for my own sanity, it’s perhaps the best response full-stop.  When dismantled and analysed these very same individuals or groups show themselves as the greatest whiners of all times.  Many of these people are good people but are so busy looking inwards or (in too many cases) bending between their legs and looking into their colon that they can’t see daylight.

But hold on, it IS moving too fast….


The western world is undergoing many changes but because I’m an Australian I’ll stick to this country.

Since the turn of this century; in fact, the turning of the millennium, Australia has experienced lots of alternative views and directions.  Changes continue and will continue.  Changes in the obvious cultural attires; changes in technologies, education, roads, road rules, urban designs, ideals, social interactions and social inclusions just to name a handful.

There is change everywhere and my GAWD the people least capable of handling changes to their ways of life are those who speak the loudest that everyone else must change to adapt to the old Australia where they feel comfortable!  ‘Why it’s Political Correctness Gone MAD….it’s, it’s un-bloody Australian, mate….this isn’t the Australia I love and knew‘.

This is my humpy now

It’s laughable yet still serious.  Imagine what it must have been like for Indigenous Peoples to adapt.  One second they lived a way that has been successful for at the very least 50,000 years.  Within the blink of an eye, a group of white invaders not only steal from them they set about to massacre them if they do not conform and do what they are told.

During the last fifty-years — this being since Indigenous People have been recognised as ‘humans’ instead of flora and fauna, they’ve also had to endure the ‘you must adapt‘ rhetoric.  ‘You be a good little black fella and do as you are told and stay out of sight, we’ll all get on just fine‘.


You’re in Australia now

Imagine fleeing from your homeland because it has been destroyed by countries that have no right entering, let alone destroying it.  Seeking safety; arriving on the shores of one of the countries responsible for destroying your home you are pushed into a corner somewhere and told to become ‘one of us or go back to where you came from‘.


Greetings, you are all (not really) welcome so long as you know your place and stay out of my suburb.  Oh and wear what we wear, do what we do, don’t pray to your God, you’ll have to use our God if you want to stay here.  ‘You be a good little brown fella and do as you are told and stay out of sight, we’ll all get on just fine‘.

Stop changing everything


Now the piper has come calling and we all have to adapt to changes and the (so called) Silent Majority is unhappy.  ‘Why do we have to change’?  ‘Political correctness gone mad it is’.  ‘It’s un-Australian…this isn’t how we do things in OUR country’.

So what are these changes?  Here is just one for example.  Yes, sure, the actual majority of Australian’s desire equality and equity in marriage.  The Silent Majority, however, sees this as an attack on the way things are done in Australia.  That is the fantasy Australia the Silent Majority (aka minority) wishes it to remain.


The Earth will stop turning and our religious freedoms will end’.  ‘Our courts will be inundated with more than they can handle and those who deserve justice will be further denied’.  ‘Children will be disadvantaged and some even raped‘.  “Besides, it’s not how God intended marriage to be” (said, one atheist, I know).  ‘It’s PC gone mad‘ blah blah blah.

If these or similar reasons are why you don’t agree with Same-Sex Marriage then you are allowing yourself to be hoodwinked.  These exact and/or similar reasons were given for why women should not be given the vote — why Indigenous Peoples should not have a say at the polls.  Naturally, there have been and continue to be adjustments made but nobody in their right minds can argue the granting of these equities was wrong.

There is a big difference between personal opinion and requiring lies and deceptions to mount your case against equity and equality.

The great Father’s Day and Grampa hijack

Recently there have been two other ‘PC gone mad’ faux outrages that I can think of at this moment.

(1) The large retailer known as Woolworths dared to bend to alleged PC gone mad.  What did Woolies do?  It destroyed the meaning of Father’s Day, that’s what.  In one foul and selfish swoop, Woolies turned Father’s Day into a joke.  That long and celebrated day known as Father’s Day will never again be the same.


Offering choice, Woolies dared to add to its Father’s Day celebration consumables a cake with the words ‘Special Person’s Day‘.  A shopper saw this lone cake sitting amongst the Father’s Day cakes; was so outraged by this shattering of all Father’s Day traditions that he/she posted it to social media.

Well, it caused a huge stink.  ‘Woolies is trying to change Father’s Day‘.  ‘It’s political correctness gone mad‘.  ‘It’s un-Australian to erase Father’s Day‘.

Political Correctness Gone Mad has ended this fine and historical eighty-one-year-old tradition.  Interesting that all of the first Sunday’s in September prior to 1935/36 were called Sunday.  Before then cakes could be decorated with Happy Sunday or Happy Birthday or Happy whatever Day.

As of Father’s Day just gone, here in Australia all ‘special days’ must never, ever be anything other than that special day.  The dye is now cast, all bakers MUST ice cakes correctly — or be censored.  Repeat offenders will be silenced!

(2) Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull at the footy holding a beer and his grandchild.  I don’t need to explain it any further because the image I’m sure explains the faux outrage that followed.

Tbull ber


Personally, I find amusing that the regular and loudly outspoken, self-appointed Silent Majority uses its minority underdog status to show that it is in actual fact a majority being silenced by the minority.  They always offer their shoulder a chip to sit upon.

In the case of the Father’s Day cake; one person was upset, posted it to Facebook with a caption designed to stir the pot.  ONE person!  Then followed those with their own ‘don’t change anything‘ agendas who lured in the sheep who jumped on board the faux outrage train.

Those who saw it for what it was pointed out that it’s a frikken cake and not the destruction of Father’s Day.  But once that train left the station, the lone cake became the end of Father’s Day.  Well, at least until the next shiny thing was dangled, which was six days following.

Mr Turnbull’s photo: As far as I’m aware, TWO people were outraged.  Those with their own agendas jumped on board and the sheep followed.

I’ve been too uninspired to look to see if there have been any new faux outrage moments since last Saturday.  If there has been one or two — or more, blessed am I to have missed them.

There is NO ‘Political Correctness Gone Mad’, it’s people going mad, people so reluctant and scared of any change that they want to stop inevitable changes by using any means possible!

Change happens.  If they didn’t happen we’d still be hominids trying to figure out how to make a flame.  For goodness sake, if it’s just one, two or three — even a thousand faux outraged people do not get sucked into believing they are warning us of a nasty and evil movement setting about to change society.  They are using you and your fears to spread their misinformation because they don’t like change.  They long for those good ol’ days of freezing to death with a stick and dry brush in hand wondering how to keep warm and cook food.

As for the term un-Australian?  Bloody hell, mate, tell me first what is Australian then get all 24 million people to agree so we can draw a clear distinction between the two.

If we must ban anything, let’s ban these terms.  Political Correctness Gone Mad, un-Australian and Silent Majority.    

Happy Day everyone.  Let go.  Let loose.  Leave decent and good people live freely as they wish — to not live how you believe they must live.

If you can’t deal with it, don’t use lies and deception to push your agendas and fears. Find genuine facts and arguments to mount your case.  If you can’t find genuine facts that will hold up against objective scrutiny then you’ll have to concede the worst case scenario — that you are wrong.




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