Decline and Fall?

Hit The Road, Joe

By Mark Bolton


Not being an economist it’s impossible for me to understand the ins and outs of the financial system/USD — and how we all must fit within and around the USDollar.

Consider this — the much anticipated Petro Yuan​ is now a couple of days into existence. It will compete with the USD. Not only China/Asia but also Russia and Iran to name but a few.

In other words, they no longer rely on the Petro Dollar to survive, and the current power-base is losing strength.

Out of curiosity, have you noticed any ‘extra’ negativity of late about China and Russia?? Election fixing? Maybe chemical weapons? Russian’s tossed out of western countries?

A new burst against Iran is sure to come.

And WHY is John Bolton back at a Trump White House?

When you hear the stories from the US, British, Israeli and Australian etc. leaders, don’t accept these stories as gospel. You are willingly allowing yourself to be conned if you swallow this propaganda!

What’s the best distraction to keep our minds occupied from the financial calamities that lay ahead? The political fallouts politicians and leaders will want to avoid?

Enemies and war.

The reality is, the world is changing power bases. Barring war the change is going to happen. Like it or not! We can move with the times, or we can self-destruct. Literally!!

The change is not doom and gloom — it’s merely a changing of the guard.

However, the current powers don’t want to lose their control, and we will go down with them if WE allow ourselves to continue being ignorant sheep championing misguided patriotism because we’re ordered to take sides instead of doing what’s best for us as a community within communities.

At the very least, consider everything that comes from those in influential positions before making up your mind. Question everything you are told. Chances are its bull shit designed to screw you to save their power.

Personally, in my opinion for what it’s worth — without an upcoming war in the next few years, the current powerful are doomed.


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