Should the real Advance Australia Fair please stand?

Harper’s highlighted more than one word in a symbolic musical prayer.

By Mark Bolton

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 12.39.52 pm

The line in the Australian national anthem (which is NOT the original version [see below]) that describes Australia as “YOUNG” (and has done since becoming official in 1984), has ALWAYS excluded Indigenous people. Therefore, Harper is 100% correct.

Then, the two words that follow “YOUNG” are “AND FREE” — but are we really free IF we conform to an ideology that demands at the very least symbolic patriotism? This is not freedom, it’s a dictatorial rule!

Harper’s efforts do not mean she does not love Australia, or is unpatriotic. She won’t stand and sing the national anthem because it does not represent Australian’s.  Again, Harper is 100% correct.

Young Harper has shown a backbone and integrity by standing up for others whilst doing it peacefully and intelligently. There is, however a belief by some that a 9-year-old child is not smart enough to understand such things. Therefore, the obvious conclusion is that she is a bit slow and easy to manipulate — and that she HAD to have been pushed into it or brainwashed by her parents.

How incredibly patronising and bullying to push this idea and lay it at the feet of an intelligent child — a girl child at that!!! I suppose the critics didn’t watch Q&A the other night. Or maybe they did and intelligent and articulate young people with ideas frightens them.

Q&A High School Special aired live 10 September 2018

For a 9-year-old to have the courage to stand up, and act upon her peaceful principles is explained away as some form of ‘fault’ for which blame must be apportioned to the parents.

How dare these parents to sit down with their child and talk about the world.

How dare these parents to turn off the TV and examine with their eager-to-participate daughter the written words and their meanings.

How dare these parents to encourage their child to investigate the words that leave the page and enter the brain.

How dare these parents to encourage their child to accurately decipher context.

How dare these parents to not command their child to ignore the accurate meaning of the words.

How dare these parents to discuss with, and foster this child’s critical thinking!

Clearly, for some people, Harper’s parents are bad parents because they spend quality time discussing important matters with their child; a child who happens to be stimulated by this form of communication and learning.

Therefore, the only conclusion is to accept that the critics of Harper’s parents believe good parenting is about telling their child what to think while at the same time withholding from their child cerebral stimulation.

It’s culturally acceptable for a child to be stimulated by kicking a football and throwing down the stumps. It’s applauded if their skills are beyond those of the average 9-year-old.  However, children excelling with their brains and using their so called above average skills is impossible?????

Not heard

I questioned a lot of things when I was young. Looking back on it now, I questioned then what I question now — but I had no guts to stand up and be counted. Though to be fair on myself and my peers, it’s highly likely we would have been in serious trouble, and our parents would have conformed to the established view — because that’s brainwashing!!!!

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 12.40.27 pm

How funny it is to hear from the usual extreme right-wingers expressing their disgust. These outspoken defenders of our right to free speech and our right to offend; those who proudly and bravely stand in their chariots of war and ride onto the battlegrounds to slay the PC brigade. The self-annointeded heroic but humble liberators who forego themselves and proceed on a life-long quest to save us all from dreaded ideals such as equity and good manners.

Then that glorious moment when their enemy takes up that right to free speech and that right to offend; the enemies who proudly stand in their chariots armed with words and peaceful protest — and ride full speed onto the battleground and slay the REAL PC brigade.

And Ms Hanson, I bet my bottom dollar, 9-year-old Harper will know he meaning of The Final Solution.

Pic courtesy of LifeGate

A point that is worth a mention. If young Harper did not have intelligent, open and supportive parents, there is every chance she could have been set on a course right smack into the laps of GPs or psychiatrists. Behavioural problems will have been discussed, and if she failed to conform and behave to the standards of others; if she ignored the demands placed upon her to betray her own conscience and standards, she quite likely would have been placed on psychiatric medications to combat her ‘uncontrolled anti-social’ behaviours!!!

Harper, I have so much faith in your generation.

Advance Australia Fair all versions and versus

Judith Durham’s Advance Australia Fair

Personally, I prefer My Island Home but the White Fulla will never stand for that.  Metaphorically and probably literally.  Imagine the MCG crowd on Grand Final Day signing this loud and proud! WOW!

  Own Pictures


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