About Me

The White-Fella Stuff

I’m a mid 50’s male who lives just outside Brisbane, Australia.  There’s nothing special about me; pretty poor at school, bluffed my way through life when it came to employment – mainly in the media and entertainment industries — now working for myself helping people find their ancestors — and I will add — I’m good at this work.

I am un-married and single.  Have had four ‘genuine’ relationships but they didn’t last.  In 2001 I nearly married (Ann) so my name almost ended up on a marriage certificate.  In 2004 my true soul-mate and I crossed paths but neither of us could get our shit together and commit.  In September 2008 we decided to give things a go.  She died six weeks later.  Tess’ death almost completely destroyed me but I survived.

Until recently it was just me and Maggie, my beautiful Border Collie.  Alas at the age of fourteen years and six weeks, Mag’s could no longer live a quality of life.  To do what was right for her was without doubt the most difficult decision that has ever confronted me, a decision I know I cannot ever again face.  Now (at the time of writing) Maggie’s been gone for three weeks and two days and it is not getting any easier.

Maggie 2009

Whilst all the above might sound woefully depressing, I consider myself lucky have what I have had through life — but a little lost at the same time.

To keep my mind active when not working I decided to create a blog site.

Although I have done a lot of things throughout my fifty plus years on this planet, I’ve never mastered anything.  To put it bluntly I’m unskilled but one thing I do possess is a curious brain.  From life to death; religion to science; truth to lies — and all that sits in-between.  If something doesn’t make sense I’ll ask why?  These question will most likely be about ‘official stories’ but not always.

Some in our world will label me a conspiracy theorist – though I’m not theorising, I’m questioning.  I may offer a theory without suggesting I know the real truth – but if I post a blog about an “official story’ — and that “official story” does not add up – then I will ask questions out loud.  I share those questions with whomever is interested.

The Spiritual Stuff

For me, and I’m sure many others, there are at least two universes.  There is the universe that we all see, hear, feel, touch, taste, smell and believe to be reality.  It’s the universe that gives us an “official story” of everything.  It is a construct made up of lies, beliefs, guesses — and then recorded as fact.  Even after being disproven, the “official story” continues to stay as fact.

Maybe, just maybe there is a smidgen of truth lost within the mix but it’s loosely and randomly scattered.

When all or any part of this universe is questioned, despite the glaringly obvious flaws, the residents condemn the questioner and ignore the obvious flaws staring them in eyes. Everything in this universe is somehow total and finite.  Although nothing ever stands still, everything appears to be motionless.

This universe is seen as so massive; that there can be nothing bigger or more powerful — but it’s more than possible this universe is nothing more than a tiny piece of something greater.

The conscious universe is a coded locked cage.  It’s a trap — though we all have the code to unlock the cage — but first it must be recalled from within us.

The ancient civilisations, it seems, knew the code, but despite clear evidence that the ancient’s were far superior to this current civilisation, we see the ancient’s only as primitive societies that somehow managed to regularly stumble into achieving the impossible.  Some of the achievements of the ancient’s cannot be done today, even with the current technology — yet the ancient’s are regarded today as primitives?

The second universe is the spiritual one.  It’s indescribable but I’ll do my best to try and explain it the best I can — how I experience this universe.  It is my soul, my heart, my energy source, and maybe the vast areas of my unused brain.  It has no beginning.  It openly never stands still.  It continues to grow. It can never end.

The universe I am describing is the one that looks at the conscious universe and sees the conscious universe as nothing more than a tiny dot within the whole.

The Wobbly Boots Stuff

Alec in 2016 – enjoying fresh oysters. His final meal in his own home before moving to an aged care residence. 

Wobbly: My old mate Alec (born 1918 and pictured) loves the word “wobbly” when describing how he feels.

Boots: Due to a couple of accidents, and a genetic condition that has left my ankles somewhat weakened, my footwear these days is orthotic boots.

Duke: Since 1982 my nickname has been Duke, a nickname that hasn’t sat comfortably with me for several years but these days I wear it again with pride.


Wobbly Boots Duke