I am bored!!!!!! It's 10.50 in the evening and I am bored shitless.  There was a storm passing overhead - thunder, lightening and a bit of rain but it was a non-event.  Even nature can't be bothered. A few minutes ago I found myself talking to Maggie.  It's exactly a month today since she left … Continue reading Bored

Must there be a Pro and Con to vaccinations?

OPINION Pauline Hanson and Insiders Last Sunday morning's ABC's Insiders gave us the chance to see and hear One Nation's leader, Senator Pauline Hanson being grilled by host Barrie Cassidy. As usual, the regular and predictable rhetoric stumbled from her mouth -- but like most people who see Senator Hanson for what she really is, I'm … Continue reading Must there be a Pro and Con to vaccinations?