By Mark Bolton

Over the last six-to-twelve-months, I’ve had strong reason to look deeper into the world of mental health; in particular psychiatry and the psychotropic drugs that are being dished out like lollies. Although I’ve touched only the surface, what I’ve discovered thus far is frightening — a term that might come across as alarmist — but the reality is alarming! 

Please Note: It’s not for me to yet go into specifics as to why I have been researching this subject, and continue to do so. Also, please understand this blog is NOT about psychologists or pharmacists.      

Openhearted Rebel
Image supplied by The Openhearted Rebel

We (that is, we the simple ‘uneducated’ folk) put FAR too much trust in those who operate within the so called traditional medical industry, and we place far too much trust in its regulators and our governments — especially when it comes to mental health.

I am NOT suggesting all medical professionals are unfit to practice, or that those who are closed minded are necessarily bad people.

I’m convinced that very few doctors, if any, deliberately prescribed Thalidomide to expectant mothers. Governments and regulators supplied doctors with false information. However, when anecdotal evidence appeared, very few medical professionals on the ground questioned the possibilities — particularly after evidence was supplied that Thalidomide was leaving new born babies with a lifetime of horrendous struggle and misery.

Pa Archive
Thalidomide. Pic supplied by Par Archive

Nor am I suggesting all medications are bad. But a medication that is safe or good for me might be unsafe and harmful to someone else. Possibly deadly. But try telling this to the closed minded medical professionals who ‘know better’ than me — or those supplying ‘nothing more’ than ‘anecdotal’ or ‘coinsidental’ evidence to doctors and regulatory bodies. (With respects to my friends who practice medicine, and friends who work in the pharmaceutical industry).

When the medical industry is challenged with an alternative viewpoint — any evidence that does not fit the status quo is either considered ‘a coincidence’, ‘a fabrication’, ‘a misreading of the facts’, or ‘scare mongering’.  Simply put, the industry is untouchable — as I have discovered. No surprises though.  

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a documentary called The Hidden Enemy — Inside Psychiatry’s Covert Agenda and I believe it’s important for everybody to take some time to watch and consider what is being exposed.  

Although produced by the Church of Scientology (CoS), which I wouldn’t ordinarily have anything to do with because it’s a pretty weird and dangerous organisation on its own, this documentary summarises pretty much everything I’ve discovered thus far with regards to the systematic abuse of vulnerable and unwell people. No doubt the CoS has its own agenda — but there’s no point shooting the messenger (CoS) if the message it is making is relevant.  

2012 Documentary — The Hidden Enemy.  Inside Psychiatry’s Covert Agenda

Although the subjects in this documentary are based within the military environment, it is a clear snapshot of the civilian world. People may not be ‘ordered’ to take medications from medical professionals, they are though strongly encouraged by the very professionals the vulnerable people believe they can trust. Innocent people who may not even be as sick as they are led to believe will go on to consume these medications instead of receiving proper mental health support co-existing with medications (if need be).

If you can expand your thinking beyond the military, you will understand why there might be so much Domestic Violence, violent crimes outside the home; such as school shootings, random shootings, bashings and loss of self control. Not forgetting the elephant in the room — suicide.

James Holmes, Colorado movie theatre gunman
James Holmes, Colorado gunman who shot dead Batman movie goers.

There are profits of BILLIONS of dollars a year from psychotropic drugs alone. We accept in society these drugs as vital for our survival and safety; but those on the receiving end of the profits (or other agendas) are never questioned.

Unless extremely wealthy and patient, there is no avenue for the average person to fight back when these drugs cause bad outcomes.  

I urge you all to look at this video and allow your thinking to move beyond the military. The people appearing in this video are no more or no less the guinea pigs the rest of us are; those in civilian life who might be lured into a system that is so very difficult to escape.

Again, I stress — NOT ALL professionals are bad and NOT ALL medications are bad but you MUST ask questions and research before you consume anything.  Ask your pharmacist!  

A WARNING: if you are feeling vulnerable or suicidal, please do not watch this video until you are stronger. Of course, if you are feeling suicidal, please seek help. If you are taking medications, do not stop without clearing how with a pharmacist. Do not rely upon the word of only your GP or psychologist

EXTRA: I add below some further information regarding Seroquel, the new drug of the century, favoured by many in the medical industry to replace drugs like Valium. The videos below are testimonials given by people who have been placed on this medication. If Seroquel is recommended to you, please do your research. The side affects can be significant.



Click HERE to view Seroquel concerns, ABC Australia, 7.30 Report 2013

There is plenty of comments, some pros but mainly cons on You Tube.  First hand experiences and not the medical community. Do your own research and, again, please DO NOT stop taking medications without first checking with a pharmacist. Do NOT rely on your GP or psychiatrist alone. 

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